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Maximizing enterprise value Aiming to always remain No.1

As an advertising agency specialized in the pachinko business, we support the development of our client companies.

Gendai Agency Inc. (former company name: Gendai Kokokusha) was established in April 1995 as an advertising agency specialized in the pachinko business. In September 2004, the year of our tenth anniversary, with the support of our shareholders and other stakeholders we became listed on the JASDAQ exchange. Our business domain consists of providing back-up support to help our clients attract customers as well as contribute to client business development and performance improvement, as we aim to be a business that provides business performance development support.
Through our comprehensive range of services that span from strategy proposals to the planning and production of newspaper flyers, sales promotions, and mass media advertising, we provide highly-original complete advertising packages so as to attract customers to pachinko parlors, create new client bases, and improve customer satisfaction.

In the pachinko business, it is now the fans that select where they want to play.
In our aim for an outstanding reputation, we provide proposals and a system based on the demands of our clients.

With polarization in the industry and changes in the inclinations of users, it is now the fans that select where they want to play. In response to these conditions, we have provided back-up support to help our clients through fine-tuned promotion support services based on an understanding of the psychology of fans, as well as proposals of marketing plans aimed at retaining fans. In addition, to ensure that proposals can be quickly achieved and to respond effectively to the requests of clients, we connect sales representatives and creators online through a system that can promptly and efficiently provide only the required services when they are necessary.

Exposing needs through the gathering of real-time information, we operate in the 21st century based on the concept of steady progress with big dreams

We have gained confidence in the success of our advertising business specialized in pachinko parlors as it has become possible to use this system to gather large volumes of real-time information from clients. We have worked to generate new demand by using this information to expose latent client needs.

Our goal for the future is to further develop and expand the scope of the support services we can provide so that we can grow together and build-up new fields with even more clients. As part of these efforts, we will work towards further fine-tuned expansion in new regions while we take on new business domains, based on the themes of steady progress with big dreams.

March 2017
CEO Masataka Yamamoto
COO Yuzuru Kamikawana