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Investor Relations

Performance Indicators and Basic Policy on
Profit Distribution

We will make steady progress toward achievement of the target performance indicators.

FY2015 FY2016 FY2017(Forcast)
Operating margin 7.5% 6.8% 7.1%
EPS 51.08yen 31.22yen 29.51yen
ROE 14.7% 9.2% -
Total annual dividend
(Of which, interim dividend)
Expected consolidated dividend payout ratio 58.7% 96.1% 56.0%
  • We will engage in management that emphasizes productivity, added value, and capital efficiency to achieve an operating margin of 10% or higher and ROE of 30% or higher.
  • We will maintain a target dividend payout ratio of 50% under a basic policy of maximizing shareholder value.
  • We will emphasize capital efficiency improvement and purchase treasury stock when the timing is appropriate.